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Tag machine

    1. Detailed information

    Applicable scope

    Nylon PLA mesh non - woven PET can be ultrasonic sealing materials

    Performance characteristics

    1.With ultrasonic bonding,the size of 20 * 20mm label paper fixed at 120,140 160 180 four wide can be ultrasonic sealing material

    2.Can accurately control the adhesion fastness and the effect,the trigger type ultrasonic stability is high,the failure rate is extremely low

    3.Multi-point light control to ensure that the mesh without spaces,such as paste paste failed

    4.Using Siemens PLC control,with Siemens touch screen operation,the whole parameter touch screen settings (line length,bag length,label length)

    5.High-precision feeder to ensure a high degree of tight membrane balance

    6.Full high-precision servo control,accurate to 0.1mm

    7.long and short line switch


    Main technical parameter

    Production speed50-60标/分
    Mesh type尼龙、PET、PLA网布、无纺布
    Mesh width120、140、160、180(mm)
    Label size20*20(mm)
    Tag line length125mm、150mm、170mm
    Tag roll requirements宽幅20mm,膜需符合要求
    Backing roll requirements宽幅30mm,衬纸需符合要求
    The core of the roll coreΦ76mm
    The outer diameter ofthecloth≤Φ400mm
    Adhesive form超声波
    Ultrasonic quantity4套
    Finished product pass rate≥99.8%
    Air pressure≥0.6Mpa(由定做方保证供气)
    The motor power of the machineAC220V/50HZ
    Equipment shape

    主机: L 1200xW 1100xH 1800mm

    收料机: L 700xW 600xH 1300mm

    Equipment weight约500kg