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Triangular bag&envelope packaging machine — Load-cell weigher

    1. Detailed information


    Green tea,black tea,tea,Pu'ertea,formula tea,Babao tea,health tea,Chinese medicine Pieces,and so on.

    Performance characteristics

    1.Through the ultrasonic sealing and cutting,to produce a beautiful bag and sealed three-dimensional three-dimensional tea bag

    2.Automatic quantitative measurement can easily change the filling process in the production process

    3.Using Siemens PLC control,touch screen operation,more stable performance,the operation is more simple,more humane

    4.SMC pneumatic components,Schneider electrical components,to extend the service life of the machine

    5.The use of mechanical and electrical integration design,replacement data without stopping / shut down

    6.Packaging capacity: Triangle tea bag 2400-3600 bag / hour triangle bag inside and outside the bag 2100-3000 bag /hour

    7.With a tape with a label material can be produced with a hanging tea bag

    8.Triangular conical bag and four corners flat bag production process only one key switch

    9.The use of horizontal machine directly connected triangle tea charter,the triangle tea bag wrapped in the outer bag,a bag of a bubble of independent packaging,one machine covers an area of small,space-saving

    10.Outer bag with heat sealing composite film,the sealing temperature using the module communication control in the touchscreen operation,the pattern can be designed according to customer requirements,automatically with the standard

    11.Can be installed nitrogen flling device nitrogen,to ensure that the product can be empty packet inspection

    12.Install the empty packet detection and removal device to ensure the product qualification rate

    13.Replace the bag width,no need to replace the bag making machine,eliminating the need to replace the bag time and cost


    Main technical parameter

    The number of unwinding2个
    Particle content≤2±0.5g/袋(其他规格可定制)
    Packaging material requirements内袋:尼龙、无纺布、玉米纤维、PET等超声波封口材料
    Production speed



    Tea bag size





    Roll out diameter≤Φ400
    Wrap the core diameter of the rollΦ76
    Air pressure≥1.2Mpa(由定做方保证供气)
    The motor power of the machine约 3.5 Kw(220V)
    Equipment shape


    Equipment weight约900kg